Founded in 1935, the Florida Naturopathic Physicians Association is the official statewide organization representing Naturopathic Doctors in Florida.  Our members – both NDs and everyday citizens just like you – believe the healing power of nature is a viable, sustainable healthcare choice.  We invite you to join us and to get involved with Naturopathic Medicine at this exciting time, as we sit on the edge of licensure in the State of Florida!

FNPA Mission Statement

  • To advance, promote, and protect the Science of Naturopathic Medicine and the Naturopathic Medical Profession, and to evaluate the standards of Naturopathic Medical knowledge and practice in the state of Florida.

  • To educate the public as to the merits of Naturopathic Medicine.

  • To support and restrict licensure of Naturopathic Physicians to those who have graduated from programs of Naturopathic Medicine recognized by the American Association of Naturopathic Physicians and/or the federally recognized accrediting body for Naturopathic medical education programs.

  • To create and maintain legislation that supports the qualified practice of Naturopathic Medicine defined as follows: Naturopathic medicine means a system of primary health care for the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of human health conditions, injury, and disease; the promotion or restoration of health; and the support and stimulation of a patient’s inherent self-healing processes through patient education and the use of Naturopathic therapies and therapeutic substances.