Get Involved

The FNPA depends upon the support of its members as we work to bring Naturopathic Medicine to Florida.  Whether you decide to volunteer your time or your financial resources, join the FNPA as one of our members, or write to your state legislators, we do appreciate your support!

Here are a few ways you can get help


We need enthusiastic individuals like you to join our efforts. Our volunteers want and deserve the opportunity to choose a Naturopathic Doctor for their healthcare needs. If you are interested in becoming a volunteer, please contact us, or learn more about our volunteers.


You can support Naturopathic Medicine in Florida by supporting the FNPA. Our small, non-profit organization is governed by passionate Naturopathic Doctors who selflessly volunteer their time. Your financial support can help bring the Naturopathic message to more people and accomplish more goals for Floridans.


Submitting a testimonial is one of the highest compliments you can give us. If Naturopathic Medicine has positively impacted your life, help others by spreading the word about our cause. It’s easy, just visit our testimonial page to submit one online.


You can help the FNPA by writing your legislators today and letting them know you want access to Naturopathic Medicine. Advocacy is an important way citizens of Florida let their legislators know what is important to them. Every voice counts. Write your Legislator today.


Choose a membership and apply online:


Supporting Member. A Supporting Member is an individual choosing to show support of the FNPA by becoming a member. This membership is for the general public who want to be a part of Naturopathic Medicine in Florida or student doctors who are interested in supporting the FNPA.

ND Active Member. An Active Member is a Florida licensed Naturopathic Physician or is a graduate from a CNME accredited or candidate Naturopathic medical school, who is Florida resident and licensed as a Naturopathic Physician in another state.

ND Associate Member. An Associate Member is a graduate from a CNME accredited or candidate Naturopathic medical school who either does not hold a current license to practice in any state and/or is not a resident of Florida.

ND Emeritus Member. An Emeritus Member is a privileged position granted to members who have maintained Active Membership for a minimum of five years and are at least seventy years of age.