Welcome to the FNPA

Founded in 1935, the Florida Naturopathic Physicians Association is the official statewide organization representing Naturopathic Doctors in Florida.  Our members – both NDs and everyday citizens – believe the healing power of nature is a viable, sustainable healthcare choice.  We invite you to join us and to get involved with Naturopathic Medicine at this exciting time, as we sit on the edge of licensure in the State of Florida!

Our Current Focus

Our current focus is on re-establishing licensure for Naturopathic Doctors in Florida.  Imagine going to your family doctor and, rather than simply getting 5 minutes of face-time and a prescription for a pharmaceutical, your doctor spends ample time listening to you and then prescribes an herbal tincture, a nutritional supplement, or a homeopathic remedy aimed at treating the root cause of your concern.  If this gentle, supportive medicine sounds great to you, then you want NDs licensed in Florida!  You can help us reach this goal by:

You can also help us by spreading the word!  Tell your friends, tell your family, do whatever you can to let people know about Naturopathic Medicine in Florida.