Member Benefits

Professional membership with the FNPA carries many important benefits. First, your membership directly supports the association’s ability to work on your behalf towards the re-establishment of licensure for naturopathic doctors here in Florida, and licensed practice will undoubtedly improve your professional prospects in the Sunshine State. Professional membership with the FNPA will also help your business to prosper through active referrals, marketing opportunities, and access to helpful practice management tools. Please read through the details of our membership benefits to learn more:

(1.) DaoCloud
(2.) Dr. Journal Club
(3.) “Find an ND” Map
(4.) Holistic Practice Management
(5.) LegalShield
(6.) TAP Integrative


DaoCloud Logo

DaoCloud is a new and innovative social network that is empowering self-care by providing the public with access to trusted holistic health solutions that are crowd-sourced by the community. For wellness professionals, DaoCloud is like ‘word-of-mouth 2.0’ – you earn trust on the network through endorsements from the community! Learn more at:

ND members of the FNPA will receive a $32 discount off their first year of subscription, and 10% off renewals after the first year.  Follow this link to get started with your subscription to DaoCloud.


Benefits for Early DaoCloud Adopters

Once DaoCloud is fully established all over the country, professional subscriptions will be $480/year (DaoCloud is free to the public).  Early adopters can join today for only $180, but their one-year subscription doesn’t officially begin until DaoCloud reaches a critical mass of users in their local region.  For example, if it takes 6 months to reach critical mass in their region, their first subscription will last 18 months.  Subscriptions are also fully refundable for six months after sign-up.


Dr. Journal Club Logo

Dr. Journal Club is a fantastic resource for naturopathic doctors who are interested in staying up-to-date with the latest clinically and naturopathically relevant research. The website is a repository of continuously updated video summaries of recent and clinically relevant research, as well as videos on critical evaluation of the literature skills. Learn more at:

ND members of the FNPA receive 1 month free and then 20% off after that.  Click here to sign up!


Florida Map

“Find an ND” Map

The citizens of Florida are actively searching for qualified naturopathic doctors and their services. In addition to the many email and phone inquiries we receive each week, the FNPA’s “Find an ND” resource gets an average of 30 visits per day (and climbing). You can make it easier for these potential clients to find you – fill out your business information on the “My Profile” page in the Doctor’s Lounge and then send an email to asking to be listed.


Holistic Practice Management Logo

Holistic Practice Management

From Sam Schikowitz, ND
Founder of Holistic Practice Management

Holistic Practice Management was built by an ND for NDs. It has grown steadily over 7 years for the following reasons:

(1.) Unlike conventional call centers, only 2 people answer your calls. One in the morning and one in the afternoon! Your patients will get to know your receptionists, and may expect to see them in the office.

(2.) Unlike conventional call centers, we make sure that our teams have no more call volume than they can handle. This means quality service.

(3.) Our receptionists understand and respect naturopathic medicine.

(4.) A reception service is only as good as its receptionists. We spend a lot of time searching for and training our teammates. You will not be disappointed with the incredible team we have working for you.

(5.) Unlike other services, we charge by the minute. This means that if you have a slow month, your rate will also be lower. On top of that, our rates are EXTREMELY competitive, especially since our service is more personalized.

(6.) We have more advanced technology. For example, when we call patients on your behalf, your office number shows on the caller ID. We can also set you up with a phone to call from your office number. If you have an iPhone with iOS8, the phone can be your cell.

(7.) We offer amazing and inexpensive WordPress websites with advanced marketing features.

(8.) We offer Newsletter Services.

(9.) We can take on your phone number and get rid of your existing phone bill. Aside from the port fee, there will be no additional charge for the number.

If you are not 100% satisfied with your service, you can cancel anytime in the first month and not be charged one penny.

ND members of the FNPA receive $50 off the setup fee (50% off!).  So go to and fill out the sign-up forms TODAY!  If you are not 100% satisfied with your service, you can cancel anytime in the first month and not be charged one penny.


Legal Shield Logo

Everyone deserves affordable legal and identity theft protection. As a LegalShield member, you can rest assured that whether you’re facing a legal issue that’s big, small, or somewhere in between, you’ll have access to legal advice and services when you need them. Let LegalShield help you worry less and live more. Learn more at:


TAP Logo






From the TAP Integrative website:

“TAP Integrative is an online multimedia nonprofit educational resource for integrative healthcare professionals. The goal of TAP is to be a fresh, dynamic, time-saving and trusted go-to resource for integrative clinical practice. The mission of TAP Integrative is to advance the teaching, advocacy, and practice of integrative medicine. Members of TAP Integrative will have unprecedented access to a robust multimedia platform of original content from featured TAP experts.”

A new clinical condition is added every 3 weeks, developed from the clinical experience of a seasoned integrative clinician. Examples of topics and TAP experts include:

o Autism Spectrum Disorder by Liz Mumper, MD
o Autoimmune Disease by Kara Fitzgerald, ND
o Fibromyalgia by David Brady, DC, ND
o Inflammatory Bowel Disease by Ron Hoffman, MD
o Perimenopausal Insomnia by Tori Hudson, ND
o Lyme Disease by Ron Grisanti, DC
o And many more!

Every clinical topic is original, peer-reviewed, devoid of commercial or branded content, clinically pragmatic and evidence-based. Within each clinical topic there is a Q&A, Technical Illustration poster, 4 Practical Perspectives, 8 research abstracts (4 as Audio Abstracts and 4 as written Research Briefs), a Patient Handout, and a 1:1 video interview with each Expert.

As a TAP member, in partnership with SCNM, you can request free full text articles of your choosing whenever you need them. Also, in partnership with Bastyr University, you can get 2.0 CEUs for each clinical topic. You’ll also have access to weekly newsletters with one to two research summaries.

ND members of the FNPA pay $99 per year for a subscription (regularly $149 per year).  Sign-up at TAP Integrative and use promotion code “FNPA2016” to receive your discount.