Become a Member

Anyone can be a part of the FNPA and help support Naturopathic Medicine in Florida.

We offer the following membership types. If you do not want to complete your membership online, please mail in this Printable Membership Form.


Become a Supporting Member

A Supporting Member is any member of the general public that chooses to support Naturopathic Medicine in the state of Florida by becoming a member of the FNPA.

Become an ND Member

Naturopathic Doctors who want to support licensing in the state of Florida can choose from the following membership types.

Active Member. An Active Member is a Florida licensed Naturopathic Physician or is a graduate from a CNME accredited or candidate Naturopathic medical school, who is Florida resident and licensed as a Naturopathic Physician in another state.

Associate Member. An Associate Member is a graduate from a CNME accredited or candidate Naturopathic medical school who either does not hold a current license to practice in any state and/or is not a resident of Florida.

Emeritus Member. An Emeritus Member is a privileged position granted to members who have maintained Active Membership for a minimum of five years and are at least seventy years of age.