Student Membership

The FNPA provides a unified voice for naturopathic doctors (NDs) working in Florida and our current focus is on re-establishing licensure for NDs in this state.  Student memberships are important for this goal because they demonstrate to legislators that our profession is growing and will continue to grow in Florida.  In addition, a student membership will get you access to ongoing guidance from NDs actually working in Florida about how to prepare for opening a practice here.  If you want to make the Sunshine State your home after graduation, become a student member of the FNPA today!

In order to be eligible for student membership, you must currently be attending an accredited naturopathic medical school.  Our student memberships cost $25 per year – purchase multiple years of membership and save!

  Membership Options
  Four Year Student Membership   $70   $30
  Three Year Student Membership   $55   $20
  Two Year Student Membership   $40   $10
  One Year Student Membership   $25   $0






Student Membership - 70.00 USD per 4 years - for 1 time.
Four Year Student Membership. Save $30!
Student Membership - 55.00 USD per 3 years - for 1 time.
Three Year Student Membership. Save $20!
Student Membership - 40.00 USD per 2 years - for 1 time.
Two Year Student Membership. Save $10!
Student Membership - 25.00 USD per 1 year - for 1 time.
One Year Student Membership.