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ToddRobinsonJacksonville BeachI hold a doctorate in naturopathic medicine from Bastyr University and I maintain a license to practice naturopathic medicine in Washington State. Working in Florida, I help my clients use nutritional supplements, botanical medicines, and medicinal mushrooms to improve their cancer treatment. I also consult with clients on a wide variety of other chronic medical conditions. Contact me to learn more. Distance consultations are available.
TeresaSpanoBonita SpringsIntegrative Medicine Practice
PragatiGusmanoWinter ParkDr. Pragati Gusmano has a private consulting practice where she teaches clients how to manage their health naturally. She works with clients to implement minimally invasive diet and lifestyle changes and uses natural therapies including botanical medicine, homeopathy and biofeedback . She enjoys working with children and young families and her professional interests include family medicine, pediatrics and reproductive health (including infertility).