Dark Berry, Fennel & Ginger Tea to Tame Tummy Trouble

Dark Berry & Ginger Tea in Teapot

Ease tummy troubles with this beautiful and healthy dark berry tea.

When you’ve celebrated too much with good food and drink, this tummy-taming tea is just what you need. Infused with dark berries, this herbal tea provides an abundance of antioxidants. A spicy hint of ginger, along with calming fennel supports digestion. It’s also quite pretty in a clear glass tea mug. Cheers!

1 oz dried blueberries
1 oz dried bilberries
1 oz dried elderberry
1 oz dried blackberries
1 oz fennel seed
1 tbsp dried ginger root
Optional sweeteners: raw honey, stevia lea


  1. Combine Ingredients
  2. Mix all ingredients together. To prepare a cup of tea, use 1 Tbsp of mix to 10 oz boiling water.
  3. Cover and let steep 10 min. Strain, add optional sweetener and drink. Can be enjoyed warm or
    as an iced beverage.
  4. Remaining mix can be stored up to six months

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