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Our members – both NDs and Florida citizens – believe the healing power of Naturopathic Medicine is a safe and effective healthcare choice that should be easily accessible to all. Every member strengthens our efforts to achieve this goal.

Join FNPA. Be part of making healthcare history for Naturopathic Medicine in Florida! Your membership dues help us to:

  • Raise public and political awareness about the effectiveness of Naturopathic Healthcare
  • Sustain a thriving professional organization that will advance the practice of Naturopathic Medicine in Florida
  • Establish and monitor regulations for licensure of naturopathic doctors to ensure safe and effective natural medical treatment for Florida citizens.

Membership Categories

ND Professional Members are naturopathic physicians who hold a doctorate degree from a CNME recognized college of Naturopathic Medicine. Applicants must provide a copy of their diploma. Correspondence programs in naturopathy are not recognized by the FNPA and cannot be used as a basis for membership. ND Memberships include many services for your practice and continuing education as well as our newsletter, legislative updates and much more.

Towards this goal and beyond, your FNPA Membership Benefits include regular communication and support from naturopathic colleagues, opportunities for involvement in legislative and association work, and participation in annual meeting and other events.

Professional membership will also help your business to prosper through active referrals, marketing opportunities, CEU programs, and access to a variety of practice management tools:

  • Find an ND Practice/ Business Locator Map
  • Holistic Practice Management
  • Dr. Journal Club
  • DAOcloud
  • Tap Integrative
  • Legal Shield

Professional ND Membership with FNPA directly supports the Association’s ability to work on your behalf towards the re-establishment of licensure for naturopathic doctors in Florida. Licensed practice will undoubtedly improve your business and professional opportunities in the Sunshine State.

1 Year Membership for NDs with an active AANP membership
Billed monthly – $15.00 | Sign up now
Paid in full – $150.00 | Sign up now

1 Year Membership for NDs without an active AANP membership
Billed monthly – $18.00 | Sign up now
Paid in full – $175.00 | Sign up now

Associate Professional Member include all other healthcare industry professionals such as other medical doctors, nurses, hospital administrators, and professional legislative advocates specializing in the healthcare industry. Applicants must provide a copy of their license. Associate Professional Member benefits include our monthly newsletter, legislative updates, and the Guide to Healthy Eating recipe e-book. Associate Professional membership shows you are part of a changing landscape for healthcare that is patient-centered.

1 Year AP Membership – $50.00 | Sign up now

ND Student Members are individuals currently enrolled in an FNPA recognized college of Naturopathic Medicine. Student members are important because they demonstrate to legislators that our profession is growing and will continue to grow in Florida.

Benefits of Student Membership include access to professional guidance from NDs working in Florida, the FNPA newsletter, updates about legislation and professional events and Guide to Healthy Eating recipe e-book.

Students have 2 payment options: pre-pay to lock-in your membership rate for all 4 years of enrollment in school or pay annually. Pre-paying for 4 years saves you $45.00.

1 Year Student Membership Paid in Full, renewed annually – $30.00 / year ($120 over 4 years) | Sign up now
4 Year Student Membership, Pre-paid in full – $75.00 for all 4 years | Sign up now

Supporting Public Member include all members of the public who recognize the value in bringing natural medicine and healthcare options to the citizens of Florida.

Why is it important to become a Supporting Member?
A Supporting Membership shows Florida legislators there are people in their districts who want access to licensed Naturopathic Doctors. Supporting Membership helps FNPA mobilize local, “grassroots” support for Naturopathic Medicine across the state. With more people interested in holistic health and wellness, Supporting Memberships helps FNPA build a network with health and natural food stores, fitness centers, spas, yoga studios, and other integrative health practitioners.

Benefits of Supporting Membership include:

  • Priority notification about local natural health events and ND speaking engagements
  • Priority notification about healthcare campaigns, legislative objectives and actions taken
  • Monthly subscription to the FNPA Newsletter
  • A Guide to Healthy Eating recipe e-book

To become a Supporting Member, fill in the application below.

1 Year Individual Citizen Dues – $25.00 | Sign up now


Even if you aren’t a member, you can still support FNPA and our goal to restore ND regulation in Florida to the benefit of citizens in the Sunshine State who want access to Naturopathic Medicine for their healthcare needs. Support Naturopathic Medicine by making a contribution, today!